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The Impulse x Henn.drawn visual collaboration is a set of images that celebrates individuality as a foundation for both brands.

This dynamic partnership features key members of the brands, individuals that lead the charge in personal expression as a visual strength. We created looks that were a spin on the “best version of yourself” which may fit out of social norms at times. It was our way of leading by example, representing. If there was no judgement, how would you choose to look?

Both brands exists in our uniformed local landscape as dedicated alternative offering for the bold.

To achieve the bold hair colours, Impulse executed an “Ambition" set of services that includes Smartbond for healthily bleached hair. Acid Colours were adopted for it’s unique true-to-tone fading. A promotion for “Ambition” here.

The temporary tattoos are drawn using Jagua, an organic fruit-based ink that stains your skin a beautiful tattoo-blue colour. Experience the appeal and realism of a tattoo that lasts around 2 weeks. Book your appointments here.

Join us for an Impulse x Henn.drawn weekend on 7 April 2019. For the first time ever, Henn.drawn will be operating at the Impulse premises. Get your tattoo and hair coloured at the same time. Book appointments separately.

Models: @smxne @yuuuxuehan @nchychen @jourdainjenner

Photog: @ajoovee Video: @kea_n_e Edit: @hwyaa MUA: @smxne