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We are Impulse Collective, a hair salon that believes in the beauty behind the spur of a moment.

Our goal is to empower the people around us to take that leap of faith – whether it is to quit a job, commiting to that 30-day trip to Bali or finally dyeing your head pink.

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act on your impulse

What are we known for?



We take pride in our fanciful colour services here. Ambition is our signature and most popular set of service here that includes Bleach + Smartbond + Colour + Treatment Mask: All you need for healthily bleached hair.


Impulse is an β€œomakase” service that’s truly for the Impulsive. All you have to do is grab a seat. Trust our professionals as they select a custom set of service that promises a full hair transformation.


The perfect treatment to match your bold hair colour – trusted Japanese haircare technology ensures your hair feels as good as it looks. Replenishes 6 types of keratin. Straightforward, zero fluff, effective. Aims to resuscitate your hair and will do the trick.

Before each service, we provide a consultation that’s based on your lifestyle, hair health and hair history. For more deets or other services, hit us up! 


got the impulse?

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We seek to inspire hairstylists to become hair service entrepreneurs with us, setting up their salon within a salon.

It is through this unique structure that provides us the confidence to say that we have only the most passionate hairstylists on board at Impulse.

We provide hiring packages that shifts the power back to you.
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Our space

Our space is designed to be social. Come over to have a coffee, or two [although we prefer tea], and stay for as long as you like.